Martha Miranda

Martha Miranda

Originally from Lima, Peru, Martha moved to the United States at the young age of 16 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a masters in Public Policy. It was during that time that her passion for fitness truly flourished. She became captivated by the intrinsic capacity of the human body and the importance of cherishing it. For her, fitness became a celebration of the body’s potential and an expression of gratitude for what they allow us to experience and achieve. In 2023, she earned her Personal Training certification, marking the beginning of her journey to empower others to cultivate self-confidence and cherish their bodies with love and appreciation. Currently, Martha is also expanding her expertise further by pursuing a Nutrition Coaching certification, aiming to help others develop a nourishing relationship with food. Beyond the gym, Martha finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, whether it’s taking long walks, picnics at the beach, or watching the sunrise. She believes that every person deserves to thrive and she’s committed to spreading that message.

Fun Facts

  • Español es su primer idioma!
  • She is extremely ticklish
  • She laughs at everything, including bad jokes.
  • She loves The Beatles and wishes she’d seen them live


NASM Certified Personal Trainer