Kailea Baggett

Kailea Baggett

Fully Alive is a family business, but it is also a mission statement for Kailea, which she’s lived by before our gym even existed. She was born into fitness and learned from her dad, Chris Baggett, how to challenge herself from a very young age. She challenged herself academically by earning a 4 year degree at George Mason University in Business Marketing, while simultaneously earning her Personal Training Certification. She challenged her lifestyle by splitting her free time between surfing, playing field hockey, completing half-marathons, and traveling the world. Traveling allowed her to make new friends from various cultures and gained a new perspective on life. Everyone, no matter where they’re from or what they look like deserves to live Fully Alive and if she has the chance to encourage people to do so, she does. If her mindset about life could be summed by one quote, Bob Goff says it best. “Don’t let what you’re afraid of keep you from what you were made for.”

Fun Facts

  • I’ve lived on 4 different islands.
  • I surf and surf instruct.
  • My deep southern country accent will reveal itself randomly.
  • I know every word to every song of Thomas Rhett’s.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Stick Mobility Level 1 Certified