Josiah Edwards

Josiah Edwards

Josiah has been around fitness his whole life growing up with a military background and having a very active family. The people close to him have given him the nicknames JoJo, Joslivah and donut (which he doesn’t enjoy). He graduated from Ocean Lakes High School and attended the math and science academy. He played football there as a defensive lineman, linebacker, and slot receiver. While he hates running, he was on the track team but unsurprisingly only did shot put. He is obsessed with strength and dreams of being one of the world’s strongest lifters some day. Since the day Josiah started lifting, he wanted to know all he could about the field. This passion has led him to the drive and desire to help others with all he has experienced and learned throughout his journey. Josiah is NASM CPT, AED/CPR and Small Business/Entrepreneurship certified. His specialty training is strength but he has studied and applied many different styles of training giving diversity to enjoy training any style. A quote he lives by is “Sometimes it is that simple.”

Fun Facts

  • His favorite animal is a Shark.
  • He loves marine biology and knows a lot of weird facts about animals.
  • He has a ratings list of top chicken sandwiches.
  • When he was two years old he referred to himself as “donut” and wanted others to call him donut. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AED/CPR Certified, Stick Mobility Level 1 Certified