jonae steinman

Jonae Steinman

Jonae was born and raised in the Boise Idaho area and from a very young age has always been involved in sports and fitness. Jonae has been married to her husband Spencer since 2008 and they share two adorable little girls. After marriage Jonae found herself, along with her husband, 50 pounds overweight and ready to make a change that would last. This is where her passion for fitness began. In 2014 Jonae became a Qualified TRX, Spin and Group Exercise Instructor. Wanting to pursue her passion even further she soon got her ACE Personal Training Certification and has been Personal Training in the Virginia Beach area since 2015. Currently she is an Orangetheory Fitness Coach in Redmill but is excited to help others reach and exceed their health and fitness goals on a more personal level.

Fun Facts

  • Both of her daughters are adopted. 
  • She used to be a Ghost Hunter when living in Seattle. 
  • She was involved in a takeover robbery when she worked for a bank. 
  • She has never broken a bone in her body. 


ACE Personal Trainer, Qualified TRX Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Spin Instructor