Jenna Epperly - Fully Alive

Jenna Epperly

Jenna has been working as a professional in the fitness industry helping clients become confident and capable in their bodies and has been involved in sports and athletics for her whole life. After graduating and playing for her University’s Intercollegiate Women’s Varsity Soccer team all 4 years in 2015, she knew she wanted to continue down the path of being involved with athletics, being in a team environment, and helping others… and through personal training she gets to do just that! When she’s not hanging out with her dog Nala, you can find her spending time with her husband Landon, training clients, and working out… maybe not in that order, but you get the gist- she’s a true dog mom at heart! She is passionate about encouraging others to grow mentally and spiritually while realizing how capable and incredible their physical bodies are.

Fun Facts

  • Coffee is one of her main food groups
  • She loves the Beatles thanks to her dad 
  • If she could spend every day on the beach, she would
  • She doesn’t have a ticklish bone in her body 


ACE Personal Trainer, BioMechanics Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist