Elizabeth Gaudlip

Elizabeth Gaudlip

As a kid, Elizabeth could be found outside playing any and every sport imaginable. Not much has changed these days, as can still be found outside exploring and being active! Her parents say she ran before she walked. Elizabeth earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology in 2021 and then not too long after became a certified personal trainer in 2023. She found her passion for fitness through her own identity journey and wants to help others become confident in their bodies. Total wellness is something she strives for, for herself and her clients. When she’s not working as a trainer, Elizabeth enjoys longboarding, biking, and spending time on the beach. She is also passionate about the restoration and protection of the marine environment and loves all things ocean. A quote she lives by is “Progress not Perfection.”

Fun Facts

  • She’s played the piano for 12+ years
  • She collects stamps in her National Park Passport book
  • She is an extremely loyal Baltimore Ravens fan
  • Though she hasn’t yet, she longs to travel all over the world


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach