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Ally Ott

Ally or as her family calls her Godzilla Baby, has always been incredibly passionate about movement and all the body is capable of. She grew up a competitive soccer player and even competed nationally at the Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk, Greenland. At 16 she decided to have a career change when a long standing opportunity to be a fashion model in New York City was presented to her. She continued to train vigorously with numerous personal trainers, thus instilling a desire to become a certified trainer. Ally has always had a passion for helping others in any way she can. When she’s not training, you can find her reading, writing, doing photo shoots, taking her dogs for walks, listening to interviews with her favorite leading physicians, as well as experimenting with plant forward recipes, and most importantly spending time with her family. She is a firm believer in “whole health” which is all encompassing of mind, body, and spirit. Her lifestyle brand, Plant Spirit, created the acronym:

W- write more

H- have a community (like ours at Fully Alive!)

O- one body, one planet

L- look at the big picture, the power of perspective

E- eat more whole foods and plants

Fun Facts

  • Grew up in Alaska and has moved 8 plus times
  • A member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Chahta sia!
  • She’s a mountain girl at heart
  • She is a writer of poetry and short essays
  • Doesn’t like to eat slices of cake but likes cupcakes
  • Also has an unusually wide toe grip


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) CPT