Beyond Temptation: Demystifying the Addictive Nature of Junk Food and the Influence of Marketing Tactics

Have you ever found yourself trying to make all the right nutritional choices, only to fall short of your goals and fall victim to the temptation of “junk foods”? You are not alone, and it isn’t your fault! 

Processed foods are actually designed to be hyperpalatable and worthy of some serious cravings. The food industry has put a lot of time and money into creating and aggressively marketing cheap, easily accessible products that our taste buds (and our brains) simply cannot resist. 

But here’s the good news: knowledge is power! This infographic will outline how these foods become so irresistible to the system, why we are more likely to find ourselves overeating compared to whole foods sources, and some strategies to help you combat the hyperpalatable processed food system and take control over your cravings!

7 Ways to Stop Overeating
Put Quality Above Quantity

Written by:

Erica Moore

Erica Moore

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Stick Mobility Level 1 Certified