Creating an Effective Weekly Workout Schedule for Busy Professionals

Alright, let’s chat. We all know adulting is tough. Between work, family shenanigans, trying to have a social life, and binge-watching your favorite shows, where does one find the time to work on those fitness goals? Fear not! At Fully Alive, we get it, and we’ve got your back. Let’s break down the workout game for all you busy bees out there!

Goals, Goals, Goals!

First things first, what’s the dream? Wanna rock those jeans? Lift heavy things? Or just chase after your dog without losing your breath? Nail down that goal, and we’ll help you crush it.

Little & Often Wins the Race

Forget those marathon gym sessions. Who’s got time for that? Consistency is where it’s at. Squeeze in 20 minutes here and there, and you’re golden.

Mix it Up

Shake things up a bit. Dive into this workout mix:

  • Monday & Thursday: Strength stuff – lift, push, pull!
  • Tuesday & Friday: Cardio madness – run, jump, dance!
  • Wednesday: Flex and stretch – yoga, maybe some Pilates vibes.
  • Saturday: Chill mode – walk, swim, or just groove.
  • Sunday: You do you. Relax, or take a fun hike.
Fully Alive Personal Training

Are You a Sunrise or Sunset Champ?

Find your groove. Morning bird? Get that early worm! Night owl? Evening sweat sessions are your jam.

Everyday Hero Moves

All that sitting got you stiff? Throw in squats, lunges, and the like. They’re like magic for the desk-bound crew.

Body Talk

Your body’s chatty. Listen when it says, “I’m tired” or “Hey, this hurts!” Respect the signals, and give it some love when needed.

Buddy Up!

Share your ups, downs, and sweaty selfies. Join our kick-butt community at Fully Alive, or grab a friend for mutual pep talks.

Personal Training Spotting Client at Fully Alive Personal Training Studio

Celebrate Every Darn Victory

Did one more rep? Held that plank a smidge longer? Or just felt darn good in your skin? Heck yes! Celebrate it!

At Fully Alive, we’re all about living loud, proud, and of course…fully alive, no matter how packed your schedule is. So, swing by our studio. We’re more than just some trainers and equipment; we’re a squad waiting to cheer you on!

Until next time,

The Fully Alive Team